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8 Ball Pool is one of the games that is quite popular on Android phones, a simple and fun game that makes it liked by many people. Now this game also has a mod version called 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk Anti Ban, where it has many advantages over the official version.

Of course, billiard lovers should try this game, because besides being fun, this game is also suitable for filling your spare time.

8 Ball Pool Game Review and Gameplay

Presenting billiard games on Android phones, making it a light game that can be played by anyone. Various modes and various gameplay options will make you never get bored playing them.

In addition, the latest version of the 8 Ball Pool mod apk often creates international events or tournaments that you can participate in. In fact, not infrequently the prizes offered are quite large, this can be a distinct advantage that the game has.

  1. Offline Mode

Don’t worry when you can’t connect to the internet connection, because this game is also available offline.

Try to practice your skills with the offline mode in this game, even though it’s not against players, but offline mode is suitable for filling your spare time.

Even though it is called offline mode, the gameplay shown is no less exciting than the online mode.

Here you will be presented with a trial with the best ranking, both time, number of balls entered, player skills, and so on.

  1. PVP

PVP games are the most exciting in this game, where you can challenge the millions of 8 Ball Pool players out there.

When you win, you will get coins that can be used for various game needs, such as buying items, opening new arenas, or challenging new opponents.

You can increase the user level through this PVP, the uniquely this level is named after the cities that are famous for billiards that are abroad.

The higher the level, the more difficult the game and you will meet other players who are very good at it.

  1. Multiplayer

For those of you who want to play multiplayer together with friends, the 8 Ball Pool mod has also provided this one feature.

The trick is to simply connect the account with your Facebook account, then you can challenge your theme to play multiplayer.

It is suitable for you to play when hanging out with your friends. Moreover, multiplayer can be played by several people at once.

Game Features 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk

The 8 Ball Pool game is now also available in a mod version, where this version is easier to play and has a flexible gameplay. So for those of you who are interested, consider the advantages of the following mod version of 8 Ball Pool:

  1. Unlimited Money

Unlimited money is an advantage that you can feel when playing the mod version, of course having unlimited money can make the game even more exciting.

You can now buy items, gifts, and open cities very easily.

You no longer need to collect money or coins that take a very long time, especially if you often experience defeats in playing the game.

Then the coins will disappear and it will take longer to collect these coins.

  1. Unlock Level

This game does have a lot of levels, which require enough time and skill to get to the next level.

But if you don’t like waiting, then 8 Ball Pool mod can be your choice.

Besides being able to unlock all the levels, you can also buy sticks or support features to make the game easier. This, of course, is a distinct advantage that you can feel.

  1. Hack Ball

One of the most noticeable advantages is the hack ball feature, this feature allows you to target the ball precisely. This is because there is already a line indicating the ball will enter later, so there is no need to guess or guess where the ball is going.

Guaranteed when using it, then you can have a bigger chance of winning.

Try to play with your friends and make them surprised by the skills you have. Because even though it’s a mod version, this game is still connected to the original version.

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