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Animated videos have now become one of the creative results that are widely used by many people. Even this animated video can also make money for all kinds of needs or areas of life. So, you can try the Alight Motion Pro application to create animated videos.

The advantages and advantages of the Pro version of Alight Motion

The Alight Motion application is divided into two types, namely the regular version of the Alight Motion application and the pro version. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Alight Motion for the pro version:

  • There is no watermark on the edited video so that the video is able to give a professional and exclusive impression.
  • There are lots of interesting features in it and varied animation options.
  • The number of fonts is unlimited, and you can choose from a variety of fonts that you like. There are also premium fonts that are no less interesting.
  • Can import videos in various sizes and resolutions, according to your wishes after editing the video.
  • The video editing process will not be hampered / interrupted by advertisements, because in this application there are no advertisements.
  • Can export edited videos in various formats that you want or need.

As for the regular version, the advantages of the Alight Motion application include:

  • There is a watermark in the edited video, which usually seems annoying to video editors.
  • The video editing features and filters in this regular version of the application are limited.
  • Access to the fonts used for video editing is also limited and you can’t choose whatever you like. The font variations are also limited compared to the fonts in the pro version of the application.
  • The resolution and size of the video there are also not many or limited.
  • There are advertisements which are quite annoying when the video editing process is carried out.
  • The export format of the video there is just as limited as other features.

Complete Features of the Latest Application Alight Motion Pro Version 3.6.1

Even though there are many current video editing applications that you can use, Alight Motion is still at the forefront. One of the advantages of this application is its very complete features, which consist of:

A Variety of Impressive Effects

This video editing application has dozens of different effects, and you can customize them according to your needs or to your individual taste. Coupled with effects with the latest updates.

These effects are divided into several themes which include blur, text, light, images, colors, and so on. That’s what makes it easier for you to find the effects you like to apply to the video.

Export Files to Multiple Formats

Another advantage of the Alight Motion application is that it has a feature that can export your video edits to various formats. So, the choice of format is not only one, but the number is quite diverse.

You can make videos in Mp4, PNG, GIF, and so on. When you are doing a video editing project, you can make a video with high resolution. The larger the file you are going to export, the higher the resolution you select.

Keyframe Animation

This feature is one of the advanced features that you can use in the Alight Motion application so that it becomes a good and interesting video. This keyframe feature is the most prominent type of feature in applications because static objects will appear more clearly there.

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