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Now whatsapp has become an application that is used to communicate daily, but many people are bored with the same themes and features, so we recommend that you use the CooCoo Whatsapp application.

There are still many people asking why recommend this application is it safe to use? What are the advantages? Can our WhatsApp number be blocked?

Those are some of the questions of people who are new to the CooCoo Whatsapp Tech application, because they are very careful because WhatsApp is a communication tool.

The thing to be afraid of is being banned, if our number has been banned, we have to replace it with a new number.

And it will be troublesome, besides that we have to resave the numbers of our friends, relatives, and even our spouses. It will irritate its users.

The Latest CooCoo Whatsapp is a whatsapp application that has been modified by a third party to add to the attractive impression of using whatsapp.

Where we can change themes, send images without reducing the resolution, privacy features that are much more complete and have been equipped with anti-banned features.

CooCoo Whatsapp summary

CooCoo Whatsapp Latest Version 2021 is the newest type of application from Whatsapp Mod.

Because what we know about previous WA Mod variants such as FMWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp, Fouad Whatsapp, Whatsapp Aero, RA Whatsapp has been left a lot.

Therefore, many third parties have taken advantage of this opportunity to create this new type of WhatsApp mod.

By adding several new features, namely being able to customize the video call feature.

So when you make a video call, you don’t get bored seeing that same display, besides that this application is also anti-ban, you know!

In addition, this application also provides a feature where you can send even large files.

And you can also send HD quality photos without the slightest loss of quality.

Because of these features that make this new variant of WA MOD, many want to use it.

Below we have provided a download link for the Latest Version of the CooCoo Whatsapp Apk Application, but before that we will first find out the other features of this application, check this out!

Latest Features on CooCoo WhatsApp

Maybe some of the features have been mentioned above but here we will discuss the latest features that are other than other wa mod features.

The list of features is as follows.

Thousands of Themes Available

Because you want to give a new impression in using whatsapp mods, CooCoo WA has presented thousands of new themes for its users.

Starting from themes that are simple, transparent, elegant, iOS, cute, fun, and so on, you can use them.

More Complete Privacy Features

For those of you who don’t want to know when you are typing, have read, are online, or have seen your friend’s story, then this application is mandatory for further use.

Because you can deactivate all of that so your privacy is more protected and you can also prank your friends, you know.

The existence of the Beauty Effect

This feature is what makes this wa mod different from other wa mods, where during a video call you can use the effect, you know.

There are at least 100+ effects that you can use, don’t you know, besides that, you can also use a beauty camera during a video call.

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