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FF Mod Apk is a free fire game application that has been modified so that it has premium features even though it can be played for free. If in normal games, generally this feature can only be obtained by buying diamonds.

FF or Free Fire is a game with the battle royale genre that is currently being played by gamers from all over the world.

Garena’s strength compared to other games is the large number of items and characters.

Review FF Mod APK

The FF mod application is a software developed by a third party. So that this application will not be available on the Play Store. Simply put, these third-party developers have made several application modifications to unlock premium features.

Especially for the Free Fire game, this application can also be called a game cheat. In addition, some applications provide a certain amount of diamonds. APK itself is an extension of a special file for the Android operating system.

Even though it is classified as an unofficial app, this application is still safe to use and does not contain a virus in it. The biggest risk after using this application is maybe only the account that gets banned.

Even though this mod is claimed to be an anti-banned ff mod application, it is not impossible if Garena as the developer of Free Fire is able to detect it. For example, when playing, your account is repported because you use cheats.

Or other tips, you can use the bellara apk application if you don’t want to use this ff mod apk.

In order to really avoid being banned, it is advisable to take advantage of the mod or cheat feature naturally. For example, use the auto-headshot feature when absolutely necessary to avoid suspicion from other players or enemies.

Features and Pros of FF MOD APK

It is not without reason that the Garena Free Fire mod application has many enthusiasts. Some of the features of this application are able to make it easier for you both in gameplay and obtaining diamonds to buy items or characters.

So that you can get complete and detailed information about the features of the Free Fire mod application, here are complete details of the Garena Free Fire mod features:

  1. Auto-Aim

This main feature is classified as a cheat in the Garena Free Fire game. Auto-Aim functions so that the character you are using is able to target the enemy automatically. When compared to the original gameplay, you have to target automatically first.

As a game with the battle royale genre, Free Fire allows players to freely move anywhere, including enemies in the game. Of course it will be a little difficult to Aim when the enemy is in a position to move freely.

  1. Auto Headshot

The second feature is auto-headshot, which makes you look like a professional player who can take down your opponent with one shot to the head.

You don’t need to aim at the enemy’s head, just point at the enemy so the auto-headshot feature can be activated immediately.

In the battle royale genre game, doing a headshot allows you to take down an enemy with one shot.

Unlike the other shots, where you must first shoot until the enemy’s blood runs out.

  1. Obtain Airdrop Weapons

In the Free Fire game, the weapons most hunted by players are those from Water Drop. Usually Air Drop will appear when the game is going to take place, of course the players must first scramble to get it.

With this mod application you no longer need to fight or wait for the water to drop. This is because you will get weapons right from the start of the game. These weapons include Groza, Dragunov and AWM.

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