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Nowadays, WhatsApp can play an important role in our life. By having it, we can communicate with our family members or friends. In fact, it is not uncommon for users to use the WhatsApp application to run a business.

If you are talking about WhatsApp mods, then there are lots of existing application choices and one example of the WhatsApp mod is FMWhatsApp apk.

The WhatsApp mod application FMWhatsApp has long been a trend among mod users and this application is also one of the most stable and best WhatsApp mod applications that you can have.

Using the Whatsapp mod will make you have many features, but you need to be careful when choosing whatsapp mod because if you choose the wrong one, your WhatsApp number could be blocked.

Therefore we recommend FMWhatsApp to you, because this mod application has been used by millions of active users around the world and is not blocked.

FMWhatsApp is also a mod application that has a high level of security so that anyone cannot hack your WhatsApp.

With complete features that will make you free to chat, before you have the application, it’s a good idea to know everything about this application, which we will explain below, so that you are not confused about using it.

FMWhatsApp review

FMWhatsApp is an application that you can use to modify or adjust the appearance of your WhatsApp to make it more elegant.

Actually, there are many other chat applications that have the same function as their choice, but using this mod application is considered more perfect than other mod applications.

The advantage of this application is that this application is very safe or unblocked, the developer of this application is always active, this is done to update the application so that users are comfortable using this application. So, you don’t have to worry about your WhatsApp application that doesn’t follow the original updates from the application. ori.

The FMWhatsApp application is certainly not available on the Playstore, therefore you can download it via our website via the link we have provided below.

FMWhatsApp Features

Below are the features on FMWhatsApp that you will not get on the Original WhatsApp application, what are the features, see the review as follows.

  1. Security features

If WA ori doesn’t provide security features that are safe enough before you enter the application, then it’s different from this one mod application.

You can use a password or pattern according to your wishes so that the security of your WhatsApp account is maintained.

In addition, there are also guarding features which will help you when needed. When this is needed, for example, when you forget the pattern or password to enter your account.

  1. Privacy Features

FMWhatsApp has various privacy features which will certainly be very useful for its users, you will not get these features on wa ori.

The privacy features available on FMWhatsApp are as follows.

  • Can hide online status so that you still look offline.
  • Cannot display forwarded messages that you have previously sent so that privacy will be maintained.
  • You can sort out who can’t contact you by phone yourself.
  • Can hide the story view view so you can see your contact status without being noticed.
  • Can hide reports that you have read or hide blue ticks on the sender’s display.
  • Can Hide reports that the message has been sent or hide the double tick on the sender’s view.
  • Can display the status of friends who are online without having to open the contact.
  • Can hide mic, recording, camera and other features.
  • Can hide notifications that you are “typing a message”
  • And much more.
  • Above are some of the features in privacy that you will have, if you want to know the complete list, you can download the application directly.
  1. Display Features

If you ask what about the display feature? what is certain is the appearance is as important as the two features above.

If it looks less attractive it will definitely make users bored like the original application that looks like that – that’s all for sure you are bored right.

Therefore FMWhatsApp provides a very interesting and unusual appearance that you can find out as follows.

  • There is a display called FMThemes. This is a server for you to choose various very cool themes for your WA Mod application.
  • Can make changes to the appearance of the FMWhatsApp home page
  • Can adjust all font sizes and can also adjust the display shape of the font according to your taste.
  • Can make changes in your chat column and botom.
  • Can set your own last seen on your display.
  • Has complete stickers and emojis and can also edit your own.
  • Can create stories on WhatsApp with a duration of more than 3 minutes without having to be cut.
  • Can send images with high quality, if you send images on ordinary wa, the quality of the images sent will be reduced.
  • Can send many pictures at once, if usually ordinary wa can only send 30 images at the maximum then FMWA can send more images.
  • You can send a video file with a size that is so large, which can reach 700MB.

Free and fun chatting using FMWhatsApp, Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us. Thank you.

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