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So, now you don’t need a PC or desktop with good specifications to be able to edit videos.

Just rely on a smartphone then this one application. This application actually has a free version, but the free APK will be accompanied by a watermark in the edited video.

To overcome this, you can buy the premium version at a price of 450 thousand / year so that the watermark is lost. Furthermore, you can listen to the following description.

Kinemaster Diamond review

Now, many kinemaster diamond mods have used it because besides being easy to use, it also has many very supportive features.

This Kinemaster Mod is different from the Kinemaster on the Playstore, because this application has been deliberately modified by a third party, then adds some additional features.

So it is very comfortable to use, besides that, it has provided premium features for free.

KineMaster Diamond Apk Features

Each application certainly presents a variety of very interesting features. This feature is used to attract the attention of users so they want to download and then use it.

So that, developers will get more and more benefits. The following are some of the features that are available in the latest KineMaster Mod Apk application:

  1. No Watermark

Watermarks that are often in the bottom corner of a work include videos, photos, and other digital content.

Watermark is used to mark who is the editor or maker of the work. So that, the content can be avoided from plagiarism.

However, the KineMaster application can write a watermark that is filled in using the application name.

So that, the editor did not have the opportunity to write his name or identity into the video.

For that, the use of the Kinemaster mod is a very helpful application. This application can remove the watermark named the application itself.

Apart from that, users can add a watermark with their name or other important things on it.

  1. High Speed ​​Rendering

The rendering process that occurs while the video is saved. The rendering process depends on several factors.

The KineMaster application can render up to 30 frames per second. That process is one of the fastest compared to other video editing applications.

But, not only application factors, other factors such as smartphone specifications also affect the speed of this process. The higher the specifications of your smartphone, the process will run smoother and faster.

  1. No Ads

As a mod application, KineMaster Mod APK does not display ads, for example a trial version.

This advantage is what makes the Mod application much more attractive than the official application. Ads sometimes really interfere with our editing activities.

In the trial version, advertisements appear frequently. Even though the ad can be skipped after a few seconds, it still eats up our internet quota.

Apart from that, advertisements are also very annoying when the project we are working on is nearing the deadline.

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