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Being ignorant is a fun thing to do, now the most often ignorant thing to do is send lots of messages automatically, one way to do this is by installing Labalabi For WhatsApp.

Sending messages one by one is really annoying, but by using Labalabi you can send thousands of chats automatically.

This action is usually called bombing, it is fun not seeing the person we bombed with looks annoyed.

Due to the same messages coming in continuously, and the number is not small, usually hundreds to thousands of messages.

However, using this application is not easy because we don’t just install it but we have to manually set it so we can send message bombs.

Labalabi Whatsapp Bomb Chat Apk not only can send message bombs on wa, SMS bombs, phone bombs can also be done with this application.

This application is different from the whatsapp mod application because this application can only send message bombs.

Not for chat or phone calls, this application can be called an additional application for sending wa spam.

Main Features of Labalabi Whatsappp

This application has several features that you can use, including the following.

  • Can send hundreds, thousands, even millions of wa chats with just one click
  • Using this application is as easy as sending messages normally
  • There is no need to enter the WA number to be bombed with messages
  • Sent automatically and can schedule the next shipment
  • Cool is not this application, where you can make a schedule of what day and time your message bomb will be sent.

So it is enough that the operation of the message bomb can be sent automatically according to the specified schedule.

But, for those of you who are just for fun and only intend to do it once, there is no need to make a schedule.

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