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There are so many Indonesians who like Japanese-style cartoons called anime. Yes, this one film is generally taken from a typical Japanese comic or novel called manga. For anime fans, of course you are curious about the Nekopoi application, right?

Yes, this one application has indeed become one of the most favored “places” by anime fans. Because this application presents all your needs and desires in the field of Japanese cartoon film.

There are so many genres that you can watch alone or with friends who also like it. Whatever it is, everything is available there and you just have to choose which one. Therefore, this place is often dubbed the paradise for anime lovers in Indonesia.

Latest Nekopoi Review

First of all, let’s start with the review of this application first… Nekopoi is an application that provides a lot of Japanese cartoons or what is commonly called anime. The films that are released are always up-to-date so that everyone who uses them doesn’t get bored.

This application itself is an application that is light enough to be installed on a cellphone. Yes, the size of this application is even only 15 MB! However, this application can only be used for Android type 4.5 and above. So, if your Android is not enough, don’t download it because it won’t run.

Advantages of Nekopoi Apk

After knowing how the review above is for sure you will be curious about what advantages are offered by Nekopoi? Take it easy, below there are a myriad of advantages that you can get easily.

Unlike applications that provide other anime films, Nekopoi has the advantage that it can eliminate ads. Yes, the name of the application is now using ads as a means of making money.

However, this application is different. This application does not present any ads to earn money. They give everything for free. However, this application actually distributes videos illegally.

By watching here, of course, you don’t appreciate the work of the anime maker. This application is specially developed by a third party and all videos included in it are without the permission of the owner.

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