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Ninja Heroes are certainly no stranger to Naruto anime lovers, the game that was originally adopted from the Naruto anime series is very popular on the PS console. But now you can also play it on an Android cellphone by installing the Ninja Heroes mod APK game.

Don’t worry about the playing experience and gameplay on your cellphone, because this game is really similar to the version on PS. Besides that, the game that you can play for free is of course a distinct advantage.

Review and Gameplay Ninja Heroes Game

Broadly speaking, Ninja Heroes has several main features, which will spoil you when playing the game. Here are the features:

  1. Choose More than 100 Ninjas

If you often watch Naruto anime, you will know that there are many characters in this anime, the unique thing is that this Ninja Heroes game has provided very complete characters. You can choose from more than 100 ninjas to serve as your main character.

Not only are the characters complete, but in terms of skills or jutsu they are really the same as the anime series. Of course, the game will be even more exciting with the many choices of these characters.

  1. Fun Adventure

In the anime Naruto often carries out difficult missions and tasks outside the village, it turns out that the adventure has been packaged in the Ninja Heroes mod APK game. By completing missions and training your character, your level will increase.

On the other hand, players can also buy new skills when they have enough coins, so that later they can carry out heavier missions or adventures.

  1. Endless Fun

Tired of playing games with adventures alone, then you can try a feature called Fun Endless. This feature allows you to practice using your favorite characters, such as practicing jutsu, finding combos, increasing levels, and many others.

This feature is suitable for you to use when you want to fill your spare time, because you can relax while studying this game in more detail. At the same time, you can enjoy the very good graphics and game details.

The advantages of Ninja Heroes Mod

Ninja Heroes is actually not officially available on Android, you can play it if you download the mod or APK version. Of course this version has been modified to make it easier to play, here are the advantages of the mod version compared to the original version on PS:

  1. Unlimited Coins

Ninja Heroes players often complain when collecting coins, this is because it is fairly difficult and takes a long time. However, this is not the case with Ninja Heroes mod APK on Android, where coins have been made to be unlimited.

So you can buy various items more freely, both characters, skills, weapons, clothes, and many others. The existence of unlimited coins makes you no longer need to think about collecting, just play and enjoy the gameplay of this one game.

  1. All Levels are Open

If Ninja Heroes on PS takes a long time to unlock the next level or arena, then in the Android mod version you can easily unlock all levels. You don’t need to win a level to go to the next one.

Try all the levels and arenas, then feel the excitement in your favorite arena. This feature can also be useful for those of you who want to continue from PS, because you don’t need to start over from the initial level.

  1. Automatic Battle Mode

When you encounter difficult obstacles or enemies, use the automatic battle mode available in Ninja Heroes mod APK. This mode is very useful if you have fought the same enemy many times but never won it.

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