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For those of you who live in this modern era, of course, you are familiar with smartphones and applications that are definitely there are usually used for communication and here unfortunately I will discuss about OGWhatsapp.

OGWhatsapp is a communication medium that you can use to make it easier to exchange messages with other people.

OGWhatsapp feature

OGWhatsapp has many features that make it easy for you to use one of these communication applications so that you won’t have any difficulties or boredom with this application.

Here are some of the excellent features available on OGWhatsapp that you can use if you install this application.

  1. Manage More Than One Account

If you are an ordinary WA user, of course you can only manage one account for one WA application.

And if you use OGWhatsapp you can just manage two accounts in the same application without having to go out and enter the application.

  1. Have a variety of themes

In ordinary WA you only have two themes, namely light mode and dark mode that you can use.

And if you use OGWhatsapp you can have an unlimited number of themes, and you can even set it yourself like ZE Whatsapp.

  1. Hide Message Status

You can hide the two blue ticks on messages sent to you, so that they won’t be caught by the sender.

This feature is meant for you to still see a gray tick even though you have read the message sent to you.

And it will change to a blue check if you have replied to the message that was sent earlier.

  1. Can Download WA Status

Whatsapp has a feature where you can create a status that will last 1 × 24 hours and will be deleted automatically.

And if you use OGWhatsapp you can just download the WA status by simply pressing the download icon in the right corner.

  1. Anti Delete message

If you send a message and want to cancel the message on regular WA, you can withdraw the message within 1 hour.

More than 1 hour then you can only delete for yourself.

But for OGWhatsapp users you can still read messages sent even though the message has been deleted just like GB WhatsApp.

And if you want to withdraw the message that you have sent there is no time limit which means you can withdraw the message at any time.

  1. Sending Large Files

In regular WA you will be limited if you want to send large files and the maximum file size is 200MB, more than that the file cannot be sent.

And if you use OGWhatsapp you can send files of any size without being limited by a certain limit.

  1. Send Multiple Images

You can send multiple photos at once but have a limit of 30 images in one send and have to send more if you want to send more than 30 images.

Take it easy, this is also an additional feature and is an advantage of OGWhatsapp where you can send a maximum of 90 images with one message.

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