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Maybe you are familiar with some WhatsApp mod applications. MOD WhatsApp itself is an alternative that can be used if you feel bored with the appearance and features provided by the official WhatsApp. One of the WhatsApp mod options that you can use is RA WhatsApp.

The RA WA Clone mod offers a display from a GUI which is very similar to the appearance of WhatsApp iOS.

If you have a cellphone with an Android system, but want to experience the navigation of a WhatsApp application such as the iPhone, then this one application needs to be tried.

Not only winning in terms of appearance, there are various interesting features that are certainly not inferior to official Whatsapp.

Here are some explanations about how to use WhatsApp mod RA and some of the features in it.

RA WhatsApp Mod Latest Version

Who would have thought that the WhatsApp Mod application was developed by Indonesians only. RA itself is an abbreviation of the developer’s name. Who else if not Ridwan Arifin.

Even though it basically offers a display that is almost similar to WhatsApp iOS. It turns out that you as a user can still change it to a display like the official WhatsApp application or One UI.

How interesting is not it? The iOS-style UI display on the WhatsApp RA Anti Banned is not a basic or default setting. So when the application has been downloaded and installed you also have to change a little part of the settings so that you can have an iPhone-like appearance.

Swamp is of course very suitable for those of you who are eager to buy the latest iPhone cellphone but the funds are not sufficient.

RA Whatsapp Clone Featured Features

If you are still unsure about downloading and using the ra wa application, then there are some excellent features that you can take into consideration.

Some of these features have been modified in such a way as to make it easier for users to communicate. Immediately, here are some of these excellent features.

Can Be Used to Change Views

RA WhatsApp has a UI or appearance similar to iOS. Slightly different from Whatsapp on Android which is more dominated by green, this Whatsapp MOD version actually has a white color. The white color makes it look more elegant and clean.

Not only that, as a user you can even change the theme from the appearance of the application and adjust it to your needs and desires.

You can also change the Bubble chat section and the size and type of font according to your needs. This format is also similar to the Instagram display. Pretty interesting, right?


When using the Mod application, there may be many people who are still in doubt. The reason is that I am afraid that the account used will actually get banned.

But you don’t need to worry about this because in this MOD version there are already advanced features, namely the Anti-Banned feature.

So later it will prevent your account from being permanently deleted by the WhatsApp manager.

However, you should always be careful. Do not let you exploit various features in the application too, so that it will make the WhatsApp manager even more suspicious.

Security Features

Apart from being afraid of getting banned, there are other reasons why many are still hesitant when using WA RA.

One of the reasons is because of the fear that his personal data could be leaked and then spread on the internet. RA WhatsApp itself has been supported by the Applock feature.

This feature will make it possible for you to lock the Whatsapp application with a PIN or Password.

The Applock feature will also keep your cellphone from naughty hands who intend to snoop on private chats or steal data without permission.

Privacy Features

Besides there are advanced security features, you can also use the privacy features provided by RA WA. This feature will of course really be if you really don’t want to be bothered by other people.

You can hide various kinds of other notifications. For example, last seen, label passed, typing, and others.

If you are one of those people who feels lazy because other people often call when playing games or watching movies, then you can use the features so that you don’t get a call.

How, are you increasingly interested in using the WA chat application mod? If so, immediately download RA Whatsapp and get a display similar to the appearance of iOS.

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