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Whatsapp is the most widely used chat application at this time, this can be seen from the many ages ranging from easy children to adults using this Whatsapp application, Royal Whatsapp mod.

Talking about Whatsapp, some are official and some are managed by a third party or what we usually call Whatsapp mod.

Whatsapp mod is a similar application that is useful for chatting. What distinguishes it is the many additional features that exist in Whatsapp mod.

There are many types of mods from this application starting from GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Aero and many other Whatsapp mod applications.

And here we will discuss about one of the popular and widely used Whatsapp modes, namely Royal Whatsapp.

Royal Whatsapp review

Maybe many of you don’t know about this RoyalWhatsapp application and ask “what is Royal Whatsapp?”.

So here I will explain what Royal Whatsapp is, this is a chat mod application developed by a third party.

The existence of this mod chat application is of course to help you make it easier to communicate with RoyalWhatsapp.

Of course it’s different from official WA if you use the WA mod you can use many additional features.

Not only one, but there are lots of features that you can use on RoyalWhatsapp, such as an attractive appearance to face-to-face clarity.

Royal Whatsapp Features

What makes a lot of Whatsapp mod users on this one are the features that are very useful and very easy.

I myself have used this application and in my opinion one of the good WA mod applications, and you have to try it.

Here are some of the superior features of Royal Whatsapp.

  1. Anti Delete message

If you are an official WA user, there is a message that the sender can pull back, of course, this makes you curious.

But if you use Royal Whatsapp this won’t happen because if someone pulls a message to you, the message won’t be interested in your WA mod application.

Unlike the official WA which can pull messages that have been sent so that the recipient will not read them.

  1. Anti Delete Status

Royal Whatsapp also has the same features as official WA, namely a status that lasts 1 × 24 hours.

This status can only be seen by people who have saved your contacts on their cellphone.

And you can also delete the status before 1 × 24 hours if you want so that no one will see your status again.

Royal Whatsapp allows you to still be able to see the status that has been deleted and the status owner does not know if you have seen that status.

  1. Many choices of themes

Official WA also has a built-in theme, namely light mode and dark mode, and you can only change between the 2 themes.

Royal Whatsapp offers many themes that you can use for free and have an unlimited number of themes.

You can also set a theme for your RoyalWhatsapp as you like and you can share it with others.

  1. Various Font Styles

font or letter form, of course, that’s all if you use official WA it makes you bored, of course.

And in this Royal Whatsapp application you can just change the font style with lots of choices as you like according to your taste.

  1. Make Status Longer

If you use official WA you can create a status with a maximum of 30 seconds and it will be cut if you exceed that limit.

RoyalWhatsapp is able to create statuses up to a maximum time of 2 minutes without being cut and lowers the status quality.

  1. Privacy Security

RoyalWhatsapp guarantees you are safe using this application by providing additional privacy security features.

This feature is made essential if you want to hide your identity without other people knowing, this one WA mod provides it.

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