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The presence of Spotify premium iOS has changed the habits of many people to listen to songs in this digitalization era. If a few years ago you had to download a song in MP3 format for streaming audio, now you can do this through the Spotify application.

Audio on the Spotify platform is not only for listening to songs but also podcasts which usually contain interesting chats about a certain issue. IPhone users can also enjoy Spotify’s premium features for free without Jailbreaking via Spotify ++.

Spotify Premium iOS review

Spotify ++ is Spotify premium iOS and the result of modification of the official application available on the App Store. On smartphones with the iOS operating system, this process is better known as a tweaked app, so that previously paid apps can be used by the free version users.

For example, if you use the free version of Spotify, there will be some visual and audio advertisements during use.

To get rid of these ads, you must subscribe to the premium version of Spotify. But with Spotify ++ you don’t need to make a payment.

Because Spotify ++ is a modification and developed by a third party developer, this application is not available on the App Store. To download it, you can visit several alternative platforms in the App Store or download it from a link directly.

It can be said that Spotify ++ is indeed an illegal application because it allows users of the free version to enjoy premium features. So even though Spotify ++ is available, it is highly recommended to buy the premium version.

The Advantages of Spotify Premium iOS

As previously mentioned, if Spotify ++ is a tweaked or cracked application, even though it’s free, you can still enjoy premium features. An example is that while using this application it will not be disturbed by audio or visual advertisements.

To use Spotify ++, you also don’t need to Jailbreak the iOS device you are using. It’s just that, before installing, you must first uninstall the Spotify Official application if your iOS device has been previously installed.

The only drawback of the iOS version of Spotify ++ is that it doesn’t have a feature to download and listen to songs offline. This is because in order to use this feature, it is mandatory to connect to a server from Spotify.

If connected to the official Spotify server, of course, there are some risks that you can get. One of the biggest ones is that accounts are banned because Spotify ++ is not an official application like the one on the App Store.

Even though it doesn’t support features for downloading songs, there are still many features that you can get. Following are the full features of Spotify ++ for the iOS operating system:

  • Listen to a greater number of your favorite songs and podcasts.
  • Can create a playlist of your favorite songs.
  • No need for Jailbreak.
  • Activate the Spotify Conect feature.
  • The forward feature that is not unlocked.
  • Unlocked Extreme Audio feature.
  • Able to shuffle songs that you will listen to.
  • Free from advertisements in visual or audio form.

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