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WhatsApp is now the largest and most popular chat application in the world. The application, which was acquired by Facebook, has more than 1.5 billion users. This figure certainly surpasses other chat application users, for example the Line application, BBM, WeChat, and others.

WhatsApp is very feature-rich, so the app is heavy and has a lot of mobile storage. For some people, this is a problem because the phone can be used even if it doesn’t have the storage space for a high-spec phone or less. Hence, in this apkmirror article, we will show you a simple and free WhatsApp Lite application.

What is WA Lite

WhatsApp Lite Mod is an application developed or modified by Soula Mods

Soula WhatsApp Lite is quite small compared to the official version and only measures 18 MB. With this small size, this application should be light and not require a lot of cellphone memory.

The WhatsApp Lite application already has all the features but unlike YoWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus which have the best features. This is because WhatsApp Lite Android aims to make applications run smoothly and even on non-spec phones.

However, this application has several shortcomings and there are several deficiencies that need to be overcome in order to improve its performance.

There are also many people who want to change this application and want to manage the application by setting options such as privacy and user interface. WhatsApp Lite is also a modified version of the original application, but smaller.

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