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WhatsApp is now a chat platform or application with a large number of users. Not only that, this application can even be downloaded and used for free.

For the original or original version, it is supported by various interesting features for the chat application class.

Even so, it turns out that there are still many WhatsApp Mod applications emerging which of course will also offer various kinds of advantages and interesting features.

This feature is certainly no less interesting and good than the original version.

For example, the WA mod offers the latest experience for users who feel bored with the standard version.

It’s just that there are drawbacks, one of which is sometimes found some bugs. You also don’t need to worry because it won’t really interfere with usage.

So here are some lists of WA mods that you can try!

GB WhatsApp

At first glance the WhatsApp GB WhatsApp application is almost the same as WhatsApp Plus, which has various features.

In this version, later users can easily hide their online status from other users. The developer of GB WhatsApp is Team GB.

GBWhatsApp iOS

Sometimes you want to not have a cellphone with an iOS system? Yes, it cannot be denied that the price, which tends to be more expensive, makes many people discouraged from having an iOS cellphone.

But there is good news because you can still get the experience of playing WA like using WA on iOS.

The way that can be done is to use the WhatsApp Mod application with the name GBWhatsApp iOS.

Fouad WhatsApp

This first WA mod application was developed by a well-known mod application developer, Fouad Mokdad.

For those of you who have problems with storage capacity, you don’t need to worry because this application has a size of 53 MB. If later used, the size will not be up to 100 MB.

Not only that, those of you who like to change the WA theme will also benefit greatly.

Fouad WhatsApp Pink Edition

One more WhatsApp Mod from developer Fouad Mokdad. This mod presents a WhatsApp mod that is intended for women so that the application can look more feminine.

The advantages that can be obtained from this version can be seen in terms of the appearance of the interface.

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