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Currently, many kinds of applications have emerged that are useful for many people, one of which is the WhatsApp Plus Full Version application.

Many people are wondering what this one application is. Actually, what is the WhatsApp Plus application? What is the difference from WhatsApp in general?

The Latest WhatsApp Plus is a WhatsApp mod application that already has interesting and sophisticated features.

Some of the features in this application are not available on regular WhatsApp.

So that your WhatsApp can appear different from people in general. Intrigued by this one application? Let’s continue to see this review until it’s finished.

Features available on WhatsApp Plus

The WhatsApp Plus application is different from WhatsApp in general. This that distinguishes lies in the features it has.

The WhatsApp Plus feature has unique features that the usual WhatsApp application doesn’t have.

What are some of them?

Here are some of the features of the WhatsApp Plus application that you can use, including:

  1. Has Various Choices of Themes

The themes contained in this application are quite numerous and more varied.

You can change your WhatsApp theme as you wish. The theme offered is quite interesting. This can make it look new and fresh.

  1. Has Custom Ability on WhatsApp Display

In WhatsApp this mod is not only able to change the theme on the WhatsApp display. However, you can change the appearance of WhatsApp according to the user’s wishes.

Like changing the font and layout size. In addition, it can change the font size and color.

You can also change the appearance of the WhatsApp Header to your liking like the wa mod ios display.

  1. Has a Longer Duration

On regular WhatsApp, stories in the form of videos have the longest duration of 30 seconds.

However, WhatsApp Plus has a duration of up to 5 minutes in one story without having to crop the duration.

  1. Have the ability to save other people’s WhatsApp stories

The next advantage that WhatsApp Plus has is that it can save stories from people who are in your WhatsApp contacts. You can also download stories in the form of photos and videos.

  1. Has the Ability to Hide Status While Typing

The next feature that is not available on regular WhatsApp is the feature of hiding the status while typing.

When you are writing a message, your chat partner will know that you are typing.

With the Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus you can hide your typing status.

You can do this by setting it to the privacy menu that is already available.

  1. Having Online Status Ability In Certain People

If you want to open the WhatsApp application but don’t want to see your online status, you can use WhatsApp Plus. This one feature is able to hide online status even though you are opening the WhatsApp application. You can hide from everyone as well as from certain people.

  1. Has a Larger File Sharing Size

On regular WhatsApp, sending any large file will be limited to only 16 MB. However, on WhatsApp Plus you can send large files up to 50 MB in size. Very profitable, right?

  1. Able to Share Images Without Blur

On regular WhatsApp, if you want to send an image, it will definitely be compressed automatically. This is why the images that are sent will look a little blurry. However, when using the WhatsApp Plus application, you can send HD quality images. So the images you send will definitely be clear, blur-free.

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