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From the name alone, maybe you already know what the appearance of this WhatsApp application looks like.

The Whatsapp Transparent application is the latest version of the WhatsApp Mod application which has a unique appearance, which is transparent.

Transparent Whatsapp is actually a development of an FMWhatsApp application. That is why the two applications provide such a similar feature.

Even so, this application has been designed to provide some additional features with a stable and transparent theme appearance so that this application has a light size.

The developer of this application is the developer of several Whatsapp Mod applications that have been very popular for a long time, namely Fouad WhatsApp.

Because of that developer, this application can provide epic features and is certainly no less epic than other wa mod applications.

This application is still relatively new, this application is designed as the best version that minimizes bugs like other WhatsApp mods.

And also this application already has a very good performance because of its relatively light size. So you can use this application on all types of cellphones.

What is WhatsApp Transparent?

As we have summarized a little above, it turns out that WhatsApp Transparent is a modified version of WhatsApp mod or WhatsApp.

This wa application is a type developed with third party developers.

This aims to add new features to the application or increase the capabilities of the features that are already available in the original wa.

By having the WhatsApp MOD application, you can enjoy a variety of new features and also a different experience that is more enjoyable than using the original version of the wa application.

For the Transparent-looking WA application itself, it actually has variants or various choices.

On the Internet, you may find other articles that explain some WA applications with transparent features, such as CooCoo WhatsApp.

The applications above do provide features to make your WhatsApp transparent.

The method is by changing the background on WhatsApp with an image that is the same as the wallpaper displayed on your cellphone.

So if your cellphone wallpaper is changed, so that it looks transparent you must also change the background on your WhatsApp mod application.

But here we have provided a transparent WhatsApp application that will automatically be transparent without you having to bother changing the background first.

WhatsApp Transparent Features

This whatsapp application with a transparent appearance has all kinds of interesting features too, so it’s not just in appearance.

Not only is it a transparent display, but this application also provides a variety of features that will fascinate you.

Check out these features, which are as follows:

  1. Transparent theme

This is definitely a mainstay factor for WA Transparent. Features like these are what make this application so popular that it is used by many people.

With this feature, you no longer need to bother changing your WA background with the same image or photo as your cellphone wallpaper manually.

However, all you need to do is change the appearance of your cellphone wallpaper, so automatically your wa background will follow your cellphone wallpaper.

  1. Improved Appearance and Performance

The most important thing in this transparent version of the WhatsApp mod application is the feature improvement in performance.

By having this application, you can send messages automatically and can also share files without restrictions.

Bugs are rarely found in this application, so this application is safe to use because of an increase in appearance and performance.

In the WhatsApp Transparent application, the appearance and performance of the application as a whole has undergone an increase so that performance is better than before.

Now you can easily send chat and share pictures or videos easily without restrictions.

Besides that, the most important thing is the improvement in a display which is now very much more transparent.

  1. Send File Feature

For those of you users who quite often send large amounts of files and also a large capacity, then it is certain that the original WhatsApp really can’t help.

It is true that the original WhatsApp provides a sharing feature such as files, images and so on.

However, the original WhatsApp can only allow its users to send a file with a very limited number and size.

Unlike the Transparent version of WhatsApp, which you can use to send a large number of files in one send.

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