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Mobile devices such as smartphones are now widely used by people from all over the world because they are practical and can be carried everywhere. Some of the smartphone users use their devices to complete office work.

Like using WPS Office Premium APK on Android devices, it certainly makes our work easier.

WPS Office is one of the best office applications available for Android. For office work, we usually use Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Therefore we recommend that you use this WPS Office.

This application has many features which will certainly make it easier for all of us to complete all our office work.

This application is already available for free on the Google Playstore, but if you use a free application you certainly can’t enjoy all the features available and there will also be advertisements that might be annoying.

It’s different if you use the application with the premium version, of course you can use all the features and there will also be no annoying ads when you finish your work.

Therefore, in this article we have provided a download link for those of you who want to use this WPS Office Premium for free.

This application has a memory that is not too large, so it will not take up much space if you download it. So what are you waiting for, download and install the WPS Office Premium Mod Now to make it easier for you to complete all school and office assignments.

But before you download this application, it’s a good idea to first look at an explanation of the features available in the WPS Office APK application.

WPS Office APK

WPS Office MOD APK is the most complete office application that can be used for Android devices. Like Microsoft Office, this application also has a lot of functions which will certainly help us complete all office work.

Apart from having word processing functions such as Word and Excel, this application also supports PDF Scanner, Powerpoint and Google Doc formats.

Since the initial release of this application in 1989, this application has become a tough competitor to OfficeSuite Pro APK. With this application we can complete all work anytime and anywhere we are.

This application provides a large selection of themes and also some cool effects for you to make Powerpoint slides. In addition, with the PDF Scaner, of course you can read and edit files in PDF format. You also change the signature in the file to PDF format.

This WPS Office also provides a Cloud storage that you can use to store all the work that you have completed. Encrypted Cloud storage on several devices will certainly make it easier for you to open document files on any device.

WPS Office Premium APK features

This application that is useful to make it easier for us to complete all school or office assignments, of course, has advanced features that may not have other applications. Some of the excellent features of WPS Office Premium include the following.

• PDF Converter – This feature allows you to convert documents or other Office files to PDF for reading and viewing.

• Power Point – When you create a PowerPoint slide for presentation, you can use some of the cool themes provided in the application. Not only that, you can also add transition effects to each slide of your assignment.

• Ink Features – You can also use transparency in presentation slides. You can use this feature to indicate several explanations in conveying important points in the PowerPoint silde.

Scan the QR code

QR Code Scanner is very useful for opening some locked files.

File Compressor

With this feature you can resize all file sizes and documents. You don’t need any additional applications to reduce this file size. Enough with WPS Office you can resize the file size.

Ad Free

In the Premium version you will get a useful feature to disable annoying advertisements.

Image Conversion

This feature allows you to convert or convert images into text. Of course you can scan an image and convert it into text or doc format.

Change signature

One of the excellent features of this application is that you can change the signature even in PDF format

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