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WhatsApp is a chat application that is very popular around the world. At least almost half of the human population on earth have used this chat application.

No wonder this application has features that are easy to understand, so many people use this application.

If we talk about features, if you use the official WhatsApp application, you will definitely feel bored.

With that appearance – that’s all, users often feel bored with this application so it’s no wonder that many have switched to using the Whatsapp Mod application.

The WhatsApp mod that many people have used, for example, is like this YCWhatsApp.

Whatsapp mod applications such as YCWhatsApp are wa mods that are popular with many people besides GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Aero.

By using the YCWhatsApp application you will be able to freely change the appearance of the theme without any restrictions.

And also we recommend YCWhatsApp to you because this mod application is quite safe to use.

YCWhatsApp review

Maybe some of you are curious and ask, “what is it, YCWhatsApp or YCWA?”

Now we will answer, YCWA is a WhatsApp application that has been modified by providing several additional features.

The features provided are not ordinary features, but these features will be very useful for its users.

YCWhatsApp has excellent features, such as clear face-to-face features that are rarely owned by other mod applications let alone the official application.

And also with you using this wa mod application you will get many advantages over you using official wa.

If usually official wa has that appearance – that’s all then by using this wa mod you can change many views.

YCWhatsApp advantages

There are several advantages that we will explain in this article, these advantages will definitely make you want to use this application even more.

Some of the advantages that you will get in this wa mod application are as follows.

  1. Anti Banned

Now you no longer need to worry about a banned threat which is usually feared by WA MOD users.

Because as a form of minimizing the possibility of getting banned, the developer of the YC WA application frequently updates the application so that it can satisfy its users.

With frequent updates, you no longer need to be afraid of getting banned.

This is proven by there are still many YC WA application users, this is what proves that this application is safe.

  1. Hiding the Display

By using YC WA, then like whatsapp mod in general, you can hide a display.

A display that you can hide is status, last seen, check two, blue tick and many more.

  1. Chat security

If the official WA doesn’t provide security features that are safe enough before you enter the application, then it’s different from this one mod application.

You can use a password or pattern according to your wishes so that the security of your WhatsApp account is maintained.

In addition, there are also guarding features which will help you when needed. When this is needed, for example, when you forget the pattern or password to enter your account.

So, those are some of the advantages of the YC WA application that we provide, of course, there are many more advantages, if you want to know, you can download the application directly.

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