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For those of you who have a smartphone, of course, you must have an application for communication with fellow smartphone users and here I will recommend one of the convenient communication applications to use, namely ZE Whatsapp.

ZEWhatsapp is a mod because it is patented by a third party and not from the official WhatsApp, but you can try using this ZEWA application first.

ZE Whatsapp feature

ZE Whatsapp has many features that make it easier for you to use one of these communication applications so that you won’t be troubled or bored with this one application.

  1. Various themes

If you previously used WA, of course you always find the same appearance every day and in WA there are usually two themes, namely light mode and dark mode.

And if you use ZEWhatsapp in this application, it offers more than 1000+ themes that you can use, even you can set your own theme to your heart’s content.

  1. Have Two Or More Accounts

If you are a WA user you can have two accounts but you also have to have two applications to manage your second account, of course this is very troublesome.

But you can do the same thing even you can have more than one account in one application, if you use ZEWhatsapp, of course this is one of the excellent features of ZEWhatsapp.

  1. Hide Message Status

The important point is that this feature allows you to hide the status of the messages you send, which means you won’t be caught if you have read someone’s message and only read it after you reply to the message.

If you send a message, of course there will be a check mark 2 on the message and if it is read, the check mark will turn blue even though you have not replied to the message.

ZEWhatsapp allows you to read messages sent to you without showing the blue tick.

  1. Downloading the Story

If you use WA, of course you can see the story updates from the contacts that you have saved and if you want to have photos or videos you have to ask the owner of the story.

ZEWhatsapp allows you to download existing stories easily, you only need to press the download icon and you can see it in your cellphone gallery.

  1. Sending Large Files

You can send large files with no limits, if you send via WA there is a 200MB limit for sending files.

ZE Whatsapp can send large files up to 1GB and is very helpful, of course.

  1. Send Multiple Photos

If you use WA you can only send a maximum of 30 photos at a time.

And if you use ZEWhatsapp you can send 90 photos in one send like the CooCoo WhatsApp application, which is certainly very useful.

  1. Hide Unarchive Messages

You can hide messages from someone without archiving them, because if you archive them, it’s possible that other people can still read them.

ZE Whatsapp can hide messages from someone and if you want to open it you have to enter a password.

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